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Hormone Therapy

Our bodies decrease the production of vital hormones as we age, and we often lose the ability to maintain optimal hormone levels. The IDL Medial staff listens to your story and evaluates your needs based on your goals and health priorities.

Testosterone Therapy for men

At IDL Medical we have developed a comprehensive testosterone and hormone replacement program for men. It starts with a consultation with one of our providers, along with a hormone blood panel.


We will check your testosterone, estradiol, thyroid, and several other markers to put together a comprehensive plan to bring your testosterone back to healthy levels.


Hormone Replacement Therapy for women

Hormone replacement therapy is a special treatment for menopausal symptoms and protects long-term health. With bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, you can get a safe and effective treatment based on bioidentical hormones.


Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Treatment (BHRT) is a popular treatment method that enables women to replenish hormone deficiency with hormones identical to the ones their body produces.

Benefits of Hormone Replacement

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